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We have the expertise to meet your insurance requirements as a Freelance Author or Writer. As part of the Guild of Motoring Writers we offer preferential rates on Writesure.

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Writing Insurance Products

The following insurance products are available at competitive premiums for members of the Guild of Motoring Writers:

Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity insurance covers you for legal costs incurred if your business is found to have provided a service that causes a client to lose money. This is mandatory on all policies.

Previously Published Work

While Writesure cannot cover you for problems you already know about, the cover does apply for work you have produced since your NUJ membership started. If you already hold professional indemnity insurance, Writesure will cover you from the first date from which you have been continuously insured, if this is before the date you joined the NUJ.

Future Liabilities

Writesure also provides you with cover after you have stopped producing new work, for example if you retire or are unable to continue working due to ill health. The standard cover continues for 12 months after the end of the policy year in which you stop producing new material, but you can choose to extend this period if you wish.

Tailored Cover

Writesure is designed to be tailored to your individual requirements with a choice of levels of cover for the whole policy, and also for individual sections. You can even choose how much you wish to contribute to any claim.

Employer’s Liability

Writesure can also provide cover for legal liability to your employees including self employed freelancers

Public & Products Liability

Product liability insurance covers the costs you incur from compensating anyone who is injured by a faulty product your company designs or supplies.

Portable Business Equipment

You can cover your computer and any other business equipment. Computers can be covered for breakdown and loss of data. Worldwide cover is available at your request, with a maximum single items limit of £10,000, and cover for equipment left in unattended vehicles – subject to policy conditions.

Home Based Business Equipment

Cover can also be arranged as an option to cover home-based writers equipment. You can cover the items used at home to work. Equipment can be covered, this includes computers which can be protected for breakdown and loss of data.

Want to know more about Freelance Authors & Writers Insurance?

Our team are happy to help with any enquiries you may have about Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Guild of Motoring Writers Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity & Public Liability Insurance With Writesure

Who is Writesure Designed for?

Writesure is available with preferential rates to members of the Guild of Motoring Writers.

Writesure has been specifically designed to provide comprehensive protection for writing & broadcasting professionals including authors, journalists, reporters, technical writers, script writers and copywriters. The cover can be tailored to meet your individual needs with flexibility to include or exclude additional coverage options as required and cover will apply to the work that you undertake as both an individual and also as part of a joint project.

What Cover is Provided by Writesure?

The policy provides comprehensive covers including as standard protection for Libel and Slander, Infringement of Copyright, Breach of Confidentiality, Negligence, Breach of Privacy, and Liability to the Public in addition to network security issues and transmission virus and cover for documents which are accidentally lost or damaged. Cover can be extended to include equipment, business interruption losses, employees and notification costs following a data breach or cyber-attack.

Cover also extends to cover the run-off liability associated with your work should you retire or have to cease working permanently due to ill health or death.

What Types of Work Does Writesure Cover?

Cover applies in whatever medium your material is published or broadcast, including books, local and national newspapers, magazines, specialist journals, private publications, websites, TV, radio, video and film. Cover will insure you wherever in the world your work is published or distributed including claims brought against you outside the EU courts including USA/Canada.

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