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What Is Cleaning Contractors Insurance?

Contract cleaning businesses are exposed to a number of risks. These enterprises have become all the more essential in recent times as cleanliness in the workplace and home have quickly become a priority.

With an endless variety of working environments and scenarios that you and your team may be exposed to, a correct level of insurance cover is essential. For cleaning contractors, in particular, it’s vital to consult with experts to ensure you have an adequate level of cover to operate with peace of mind.

What Cover Do I Need For My Cleaning Contractor Insurance Policy?

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability offers cover against a negligent injury or property damage that you cause because of your work. This could include slips by a member of the public as a result of an unmarked wet floor.

Employers’ Liability insurance

If you employ workers you will require employers liability insurance, even if only part-time, temporary or contract cleaning staff. This can assist in covering the costs related to an employee being injured while working for you and then deciding to take legal action as a result.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Commercial vehicle policies provide cover for liability risks on your company’s vehicles, such as a van. As within the cleaning contractor industry travel between multiple jobs is common, coverage for vehicles can be considered essential

Damages To Property Being Worked On

Often not covered by many standard policies, if any accidental damage to a customer’s property you may wish to consider cover in your insurance. As a common cause of claims, our team will mention this while creating your policy and discuss if this is needed.

We aim to provide you with first class service at all times.

What Types Of Cleaning Businesses Can Be Covered?

Contract cleaning can seem simple, however, as an industry it is wide-ranging and insurance can be applicable to numerous businesses. A few that may require cleaning contractor insurance include:

  • Private Residential Properties
  • Office Buildings
  • Shops
  • Hotels 
  • Schools
  • Public Houses
  • Carpet Cleaners
  • External Window Cleaners

What Are The Potential Risks To Myself & My Staff?

Depending on the nature of your working environment, and the work required, there are a multitude of risks that a cleaning contractor business is exposed to. These include:

Chemical Exposure

Many cleaning contractors will use a variety of cleaning products, with most created with an industrial application in mind. These higher strength cleaning chemicals can be dangerous for workers if inhaled, ingested or otherwise exposed to. Common ailments as a result of chemical exposure include:

  • Severe skin or eye irritation
  • Respiratory infection or failure
  • Nervous systems, kidney and liver complications
  • Allergic reactions or skin disease from contact with disinfectants
  • Fire hazards from flammable cleaning products

Slips & Trips

In the process of carrying out jobs, both workers and building occupants can be at risk of serious injury from slips, trips and falls. Potential hazards and injuries include:

  • Fractures, bruising and broken bones 
  • Trips and falls on unmarked wet surfaces, in unlit areas or due to spillage
  • Falls caused by objects like cleaning equipment or cables
  • Serious injury as a result of falling down flights of stairs

Machine & Equipment Hazards

Machine failure or improper use can result in severe injuries for both the cleaning operator and any residents or occupants of the building. Additional risks can include suffering electric shocks from faulty or misused equipment, furthermore, improper storage of such equipment can result in substantial property damage. 

Work-Related Illnesses

Working and cleaning in multiple residences and commercial properties means cleaning staff are at risk of a number of illnesses. Through contact with bacteria, viruses, insects, waste and bodily fluids certain complications can occur. These include:

  • Bloodborne Viruses – Often from environments where needles are present, and commonly within cleaning in the healthcare sector
  • Asbestos Exposure – Cleaning older buildings can lead to exposure to asbestos in insulation, pipes and other areas of buildings leading to lung cancers and complications
  • Pathogen Exposure – Cleaners that deal with human or animal waste are at risk of exposure to pathogenic organisms, like salmonella or E. coli 

Working At Height

In the case of cleaning contractors, in particular external window cleaners, working at height is a necessity. This opens up to the risk of severe injury or death as a result of falling from a significant height, often as a result of poor safety practices or faulty equipment.

Lone Working

Within commercial environments often cleaning companies will operate after or before hours. This level of isolation can result in increased chances of verbal or physical abuse either from members of the public or a potential attacker. 

Find The Right Cleaning Contractors Insurance For You

With our brokers, you can be confident in the fact that your claim will be dealt with in a respectful and efficient manner by our specialist team. As an industry, cleaning contractors are exposed to a variety of hazards and our team will do our best to add peace of mind with a policy that accounts for the risks most relevant to you.

For more information on our cleaning contractors insurance, simply contact the team. Alternatively, you can request a call back. Our team will be more than happy to discuss your policy needs and answer any questions you may have.

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